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The Arepa is a flat, round, unleavened patty of maize flour, a traditional dish native to the Latin American countries of Venezuela and Colombia. In these countries, Arepas are used the same way bread is used for sandwiches in the U.S. This makes Arepas a very versatile food because they can have an infinite number of fillings and can be eaten at any time— whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything between. Originally, the Arepa making process was very labor-intensive, as grains of maize had to be soaked, peeled, and then grounded in a large mortar, known as an apilón. This resulted in dry grains of maize that only contain the endosperm of the seed, which would be sold to be made into dough. However, nowadays, the most popular way of making Arepas involves buying pre-cooked maize meals or maize flour. Having premade maizemeal removes the arduous part of the process, and leaves the patty making, grilling, baking or frying to the cook. As of now, the largest producer of maize flour is Empresas Polar, through their brand Harina P.A.N. The Arepa should be considered a gluten-free pocket used as a vessel to deliver a delectable stuffing!

5 reasons to eat Mimis Arepa


1-. They taste delicious and nutritious with an excellent calorie balance.

2-. More options to vary the flavors in your week. Ideal for a breakfast, lunch, or light dinner.

3-. They are preservative-free and reduced in sodium so you can take care of yourself without losing flavor in your meals.

4-. Practical and easy to prepare with the filling of your reference.

5-. They help improve your digestion due to their high fiber content.